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At Divers Cadaqués...

we do not want to contribute to labour exploitation or pollution associated with the fashion industry of the last 20 years, that is why we select brands that are transparent in terms of their manufacturing processes, materials and who and how are makig your clothes.

Handmade T-shirt by Breton Shirt& Co

We look for items that are sustainable; many of them are made from waste found in the sea or remnants of the textile industry such as Ecoalf or many Makia garments. Ecoalf even has a non-profit foundation whose main objective is to promote the selective recovery of waste in order to recycle it, value it and avoid its harmful impact on the environment.

Breton shirt & co sewing

Manual creation process by Louis Misha

Lina Gulbine, designs and sews 100% linen Mantaikotai garments by hand

Many of our garments are sustainable because they are handmade, in sewing workshops where working conditions are respected and have a small production; This is the case of Breton shirt & Co, Maison Hotel, Wild & salty, Mantaikotai or Boho dot Barcelona.

We also work with brands with a strong commitment to women's empowerment such as Louise Misha, which has been created, directed and executed by women and also is organic, responsible and ecological. You will be able to see, among others, the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) seal that has achieved more than 60% of its production; And not only for clothes but also in packaging.

Louise misha biodegradable bags

Our brands work with biodegradable, recycled or recyclable bags. Many of them do not have any plastic components. This is the case of Ese o Ese and its campaign "I’m not plastic, I’m fantastic"; In 2020 they have managed to accredit more than 80% of their packaging and bags with the FSC® seal (it comes from sustainable forests) as well as their “We care” project for sustainable development.

Fashion is not only Art and Culture, fashion can be an engine of sustainable development, of growing up the value and reuse of waste, it can be committed and responsible, That’s the Fashion we like. That´s the fashion we carry for you.

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