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Divers Cadaqués is a piece of the Mediterranean at your fingertips at any time of the day. We want to bring you its light, its colour, its freshness so you can enjoy it and be immersed in it no matter where you live.

Sustainability & Handmade

A little over a year ago, my husband and I brought together our scientific training, fashion love and a lot of hope and created a small family project, our conceptstore. The idea was to make a selection of fashion, decoration, art and lifestyle that had a “Why” behind, that breathed Mediterranean and that our clients were proud of.

Our philosophy is to look for sustainable fashion, that has the least possible impact and that cares about how the garments are made. All our brands are either ecological (made from waste found on the sea for example) or have a strong commitment to sustainability (they have lines of products made from recycled fabrics, their packaging is free of plastics, compostable, etc ...).

Another of our determinations was to not contribute to the labour exploitation that fashion industry causes so often, that's why we launched "who makes your clothes", so you can know who is behind, and that’s why our brand selection are transparent showing their manufacturing processes; most of them have a small production and are handcrafted with loving care in small workshops. You can read more in "link".

We crystallize all this philosophy in a little store that looks at sea in Cadaqués and there you can find us:

Local development

They say of Cadaqués that it is the most beautiful village in the world; white houses, blue sea, rays of sun streaming through the slated floors alleys and intense fuchsia bougainvilleas climbing the walls. Originally fishermen’s village, Cadaqués now lives looking at the tourism of the summer months and that is why we decided to expand the perspective and open the online part of our store.

We work with family team, very reduced and from a small village, so we do not have the agility or immediacy of those who operate from the abundance of services in large cities, but we are very proud to contribute to rural development and to maintain jobs beyond the summer months in our environment. In any case we will do our best so that you have your order almost as fast as if we were "one of the bigwigs".

In any case we will do our best so that you have your order almost as fast as if we were one of the greats

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